How to Fight Grace

Today’s lesson in how to fight grace comes from the Reformation tradition:

Every year I tell my Reformation history class that Roman Catholicism is, at least in the West, the default position. Rome has a better claim to historical continuity and institutional unity than any Protestant denomination, let alone the strange hybrid that is evangelicalism; in the light of these facts, therefore, we need good, solid reasons for not being Catholic; not being a Catholic should, in others words, be a positive act of will and commitment, something we need to get out of bed determined to do each and every day. (Westminster Seminary Church historian and Reformed thinker, Carl Trueman, “Is The Reformation Over?“)

This is an admission that Protestantism lacks “the continuity of religion,” and is therefore not the Church of History. It’s more than that, of course, being a great Revolt against Christ and a “devastation” of Christendom.