I’ll Be Speaking in Mandeville, Louisiana at an April 30-May 2 Event: The CRUSADER Knight Congress

This Spring, I will be returning to my home state of Louisiana for a brief visit for this exciting event: The CRUSADER Knight Congress

The theme for this conference is apt and timely: “Upon These Rocks: Building Christian Communities from the Rubble of Modernity.” 

Two utterances from grave and learned men that inspire this event come from Saint Thomas… 

Human law is law only by virtue of its accordance with right reason; and thus it is manifest that it flows from the eternal law. And in so far as it deviates from right reason it is called an unjust law; in such case it is no law at all, but rather a species of violence. — Saint Thomas Aquinas

…and Christopher Dawson: 

It depends on the Christians of a particular generation, both individually and corporately, whether this source of spiritual energy [the Catholic faith] is brought into contact with the life of humanity and the needs of contemporary society. — Christopher Dawson

Unpacking the radically countercultural ramifications of these and similar utterances will be the task of the Congress. 

The principal aim of the CRUSADER Knight Congress is to bring CRUSADERS together to personally meet, get to know each other, and learn basic concepts and action items to help organize and fight for the Catholic communities we want to live in.

There’s no “cancel culture” nonsense welcome here.

Our three-day Congress will combine elements of timely rhetoric, hands on instruction workshops, and exercises in establishing an esprit de corps among knights and maidens!

To find out more and to register GO HERE.