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 The Work of Brother Francis Maluf, M.I.C.M.


Lives of the Saints




Our Lady



  1. Proving Purgatory
  2. The Bible Only?
  3. Faith and Good Works
  4. What Is the Filioque?
  5. Left Behind (on Relics)
  6. On Worshiping Mary and the Saints
  7. Dies Domini: Is Saturday the True Sabbath?
  8. The Church of History
  9. The One True Church


Living the Faith

  1. Catholic Pilgrimage: A Spiritual Journey
  2. The Joy of Being Catholic
  3. Traditionalism is an Affirmation
  4. Liberal Education vs. Liberalism
  5. Saint Joseph Altars
  6. Our Catholic Duty of Feasting Well
  7. Catholicism is Also a Manner
  8. A Yoke of Love and Peace
  9. A Visit To L’Acadie


Catholic America


Theology / Doctrine

  1. The Necessity of the Catholic Church for Salvation
  2. Lex Orandi, Lex Credendi
  3. Catholic Teaching Concerning a Just War 
  4. The Catholic World of Father Denis Fahey
  5. Saint John Damascene and the Iconoclasts
  6. Christology for Joe
  7. Is the Church a “Harlot”?
  8. Our Patriarch Abraham and the Continuity of Religion
  9. The Pope, the Church, and the Bible


Spiritual Life/Devotion

  1. What a Saint Is
  2. The Road to Emmaus
  3. The Practice of Mental Prayer
  4. Reflections on Contemplation
  5. Joining Worship of the Eucharist with Devotion to Mary
  6. The Mystical Incarnation
  7. The Miraculous Medal
  8. The Holy Rosary
  9. True Devotion to Mary, an Introduction