Is Benjamin Netanyahu Rational?

At, Philip Giraldi asks the question, “Is Benjamin Netanyahu Rational?” Given the obsequious fawning over the most brutal of Israel’s leaders by American Christian Zionists (following the lead of their False Prophets), the question is relavent for all Americans. Giraldi points out that Bibi can push the doomsday button on an Israeli nuclear arsenal of an undisclosed size, that a certain racism gives many of his supporters to believe their lives are of inherently greater value than everyone else’s, that “our ally in the region” has a nasty habit of turning against America (even while living off some $4 billion + in annual aid), and that murdering Palestinians on European soil and lying to allies are not beyond them.

Giraldi does not appear to be a believer. If he were, he would not refer to the Old Testament as a “bloody book” — at least not in the sense in which he uses the term. (There is indeed much blood in the book!) But his point remains: While God sanctioned certain acts of war that would normally go against the just war doctrine, He, being God, the master of life and death, can do that. No modern state can take its cues from these particular mandates of the Almighty any more than a Catholic priest can go around severing the heads of non-Catholic ministers of religion because Elias did it to the priests of Baal, and God commended his zeal.

The article concludes thus:

Unfortunately the arrogance of Bibi Netanyahu and the behavior of the Israeli government would seem to suggest strongly a belief in a manifest destiny granted by God. Israel is prepared to charge recklessly ahead to do whatever it takes to intimidate and instill fear among all its neighbors. Tel Aviv wants to be a combination of a mad dog and the school bully, suggesting that its contempt for Washington made evident in the Lavon Affair and the attempted sinking of the USS Liberty in 1967 was the rule rather than the exception and could easily happen again. And Israel appears to have little concern about doing whatever is necessary to drag the United States down with it if that is what is required. It is we Americans who should be fearful. Each American should be very concerned about what Bibi is actually thinking, particularly as our Congress and media have already been bought and occupied and we have a president who is so unsure of the support of his own party that he is afraid to face down an Israeli prime minister.