Israel Losing Moral Support Due to Immoral Killing of Non-Combatants

A mainstream conservative outlet, American Greatness, has published a revealing piece by Christopher Roach on how Israel is quickly squandering the large capital of international sympathy it accumulated following the tragic events of October 7.

Israel is losing the PR war thanks to the atrocities its forces have committed in Gaza.

Here is a taste of the article:

Video released from the Israeli Air Force showed residential buildings of five to fifteen stories being leveled [in Gaza].  The resulting devastation looked as if nuclear bombs went off.  Along the way, Israel lost the support of Wolf Blitzer, a former AIPAC Lobbyist, when it tried to defend the bombing of an entire refugee camp to reach a single Hamas commander. [Watch this video if you can; it’s amazing how shocked Wolf Blitzer is. The IDF spokesman, Lt. Col. Richard Hecht, was clearly surprised and thrown off his game — scrambling to return to his talking points — when he was not given a pass for the IDF’s war crimes by the journalist and former lobbyist for the American Israel Public Affairs Committee.]

Although a big dispute took place in the media about the provenance of a particular hospital bombing, there could be no dispute that many civilian residences and other infrastructure have been destroyed by aerial bombing, and that many Palestinian civilians are being killed.  At the moment, Palestinian casualties are more than double those Israel sustained in the Hamas raid.

The IAF promises that they are only targeting terrorists, but residential buildings house a lot of people.  Most Americans and many around the world approved of IDF efforts to destroy Hamas and its fighters.  In this pursuit, a certain amount of collateral damage would also be forgiven, but now that sympathy, even in the philosemitic United States, has declined significantly.

Please read the whole piece if you have time.

The statistics in the above graphic, courtesy of Al Jazeera Media Network, are already antiquated. Click here for more recent statistics, which are themselves over a week old. The death toll is rising. More than twice as many Palestinian children have been killed in Gaza by indiscriminate Israeli bombings than Israelis were killed on October 7. This includes the total number of Israelis killed, military and civilian — both those who were victims of Hamas and those who were victims of their own IDF.