Japan’s Worse Tragedy

There is great sympathy across the world for the heartrending scenes coming from Japan. The feeling is a wholesome one. It is this pity for human suffering, one of the most noble traits of our fallen race, that God Himself made part of His admirable economy of salvation. The thought that Jesus suffered as He did for us in His bitter Passion is enough to convert even the hardest of hearts — and has done so all throughout history.

Yet, while we rightly pity the Japanese for their earthquake-and-tsunami-inflicted suffering, we overlook the slower, yet more threatening menace: a demographic decline that points to the waning of a once robust nation. Pat Buchanan takes the occasion of the current attention on Japan to recite the terrible figures, asking the painful question, “Where have all the children gone?”

Buchanan concludes with a warning for the rest of us:

Where is world population growth to come from?

Between now and 2050, Africa’s population will double to 2 billion. Latin America and Asia will add over a billion people.

Just six nations, Muslim and poor — Bangladesh, Egypt, Indonesia, Nigeria, Pakistan and Turkey — are expected to add almost 500 million people to their combined populations by 2050.

If demography is destiny, the sun is not only setting in the Land of the Rising Sun. The sun is setting in the West.

The “fun” of the sexual revolution’s reckless hedonism came at a price. The world is suffering global hangover after a long, orgiastic party.