Jewish Lawyer Exposes Rank Bigotry of Canadian Human Rights Commission

Canadian author, journalist and attorney, Ezra Levant, has done something unusually heroic. He has made himself a civil-rights guinea pig to test the system, that system being Canada’s Orwellian “Human Rights Commission.” The commission is a neo-Stalinist enforcer of liberal progressivist political rectitude, i.e., anti-Christian ideology.

Levant suspected that the same exact “crime” of “hate speech” perpetrated by a Christian would be perceived as free speech if it came from him, a non-Christian. He was right. He committed the crime, had a complaint lodged against him, and got off scott free, all because his blog posting of the same exact letter a Protestant minister was indicted for authoring was found by the commission to be written “with the goal of furthering a public debate on freedom of expression.”


To any Unitedstatesians in the readership who don’t care what happens to those other Americans up north: you should. Like the Anglican Church — which Catholic ultra-liberals see as a laboratory where their favorite novelties will gain acceptance before being inflicted on their fellow papists — Canada’s bleeding-edge social progressivism is a testing ground for what our bloated bureaucrats will seek to enforce in this land of the not-so-free.  With you-know-who in the White House soon, Canada’s draconian “hate-speech” laws might not be far from our own statute books.

Anyway, at the Remnant’s web site, Mark Alessio has a great piece on Mr. Levant’s achievement.