Justly Afflicted

This poem was inspired by the collect for Septuagesima Sunday. It follows the rhyme and meter scheme (but not the subject or mood) of a well known poem by a great American poet. The comments section is open for those who want to say which poem I’ve used as my model.

How strange that we have no remorse
For contraception and divorce,
And striking dead a little child
So early in his earthly course.

From Heart of Jesus meek and mild
We have departed, and gone wild.
From wars, huge profits we do see,
By Mars and Mammon both beguiled.

And stranger still our mockery
Of holy things, and blasphemy;
And scorn, and spite, and insults low
We hurl against the Trinity.

We’ll be afflicted, justly so,
When days of mercy from us go.
And wrath and justice God will show,
And wrath and justice God will show.

Septuagesima Sunday (Feb. 12), 2017