‘Latin Mass Magazine’ Book Review Mentions Brothers Francis and André

The Summer, 2015 issue of the traditional Catholic quarterly, The Latin Mass, features a four-page book review authored by Msgr. Ignacio Barreiro-Carámbula. The book reviewed is A Catholic Witness in Our Time: A Festschrift for Dr. Robert Hickson: Essays and Remembrances in His Honor. The volume is a compilation of papers presented at a surprise party held for our friend and collaborator, Robert Hickson. (His lovely wife, Maike, organized all this secretly.)

Of the thirty some-odd papers in the volume, seven were mentioned by the reverend reviewer. One of those was our own Brother André Marie’s piece, “Savoring Reality: An Introduction to the Childlike Catholic Mind of Brother Francis.”


Here is what Msgr. Barreiro had to say of it:

On Permanent Philosophy

Brother Andre Marie presents a serious study of permanent philosophy based on the thinking of Brother Francis Maluf. He insightfully shows the distortions caused by partial approaches to reality which placed all the emphasis on natural sciences, living outside the philosophy that guaranties cultural unity and a balanced perspective.

A Catholic Witness in Our Time can be purchased from our online bookstore.