Letter to a Young Man Discerning a Vocation

Our community is traditional, meaning we have the Traditional Latin Mass and the other sacramental rites exclusively at our chapel. We are an active-contemplative Order. Our prayer life consists of Mass; Laudes, Vespers, and Compline from the Roman Breviary; 40 minutes of mental prayer; 30 minutes of Lectio Divina; and the Rosary all in common every day, as well as visits to the Blessed Sacrament.

We live a simple life guided by the Augustinian Rule and the spirituality of St. Louis de Montfort.

The major thrust of our work is evangelical. We wish to convert this nation to the one, true Church outside of which there is no salvation. We run a 1-12 grade Catholic school, do publishing work, and evangelize directly in an apostolate known as “bookselling,” whereby we bring our materials to “the man on the street.” Our Sisters do much of the same work.

As you probably figured out from viewing our web site, a first consideration for you in discerning a vocation with our community is whether or not you have the same commitment to the Church’s doctrine and tradition that we do. Before going any further in discerning a vocation here, I recommend that you read the following short pages on line:

I am primarily directing you to the main pages I have linked to, not to all of the sub pages. Those five pages will give you a fairly quick overview, while the sub pages will give you more in-depth information.

Besides praying, the most important thing to do in discerning a vocation here is to get to know us: first, by reading what I have referred you to, then, by a visit in person. You can contact us to arrange that.