Letter to New Hamsphire Senator Kelly Ayotte

Senator Ayotte,

I read your most recent newsletter and saw not a word about the recent monstrous findings regarding Planned Parenthood killing babies with the intention of selling undamaged body parts to “research’ companies.  Does this not appall and disgust you?  Aren’t you pro-life?  Even some pro-choice people are horrified at this practice.

I ask you to take steps to defund this grotesque money machine which gets millions of dollars from pro-life taxpayers like me.  They should be investigated for these crimes.  How is what they have done different from practices in Nazi Germany?  Please, please, the people of our country and our state are sinking into barbarism if this is allowed to continue.  Please DO SOMETHING!  We elected you to do the right thing, not just for New Hampshire, but for our country.  Now is the time.  We are worse than the pagans of ancient times and the Aztecs of pre-Colombian Mexico who sacrificed their children to the gods.  Only now that god is money – going into the bloody hands of the murderous Planned Parenthood.

Eleonore Villarrubia