Mass. Gov. Bestows Special ‘Rights’ on Self-Mutilating State Employees reports on some truly deranged politics:

Last Thursday, Democratic Gov. Deval Patrick quietly signed two executive orders — Executive Order No. 526 and No. 527 — giving transgendered state employees protected status under the state’s anti-discrimination policy and establishing a state Office of Diversity and Equal Opportunity to oversee enforcement.

C. Joseph Doyle was quoted in the report:

But C.J. Doyle, executive director of the Catholic Action League of Massachusetts, told that he is concerned about the implications of the governor’s action.

“I think the problem with this particular executive order is that it has very, very serious implications for the religious freedom rights of state employees,” Doyle told

“What will happen to a state employee – a Catholic, or another religious believer or any believer in traditional morality – who expresses moral disapproval, moral disapprobation of this sort of behavior? Will they be punished? Will they be fired? Will they be discriminated against in employment and in promotions? Will new employees coming in be questioned on this and denied state employment because they disapprove of this sort of behavior?”