Mass Schedule for the First Two Sundays of September, 2017

Sunday Masses on September 3 and 10 will be at 2:30 pm (one Mass only, a low Mass). There will be no weekday Masses during that time.

Update on the Canadian priest who is expected to occupy the full-time position as chaplain to our community: It is expected that our Canadian chaplain’s R1 visa will be obtained by mid-month. Homeland Security told us that the earliest we can expect to hear anything is September 8, and that if we do not here anything by then, to call them on September 11. Nothing is assured, but there are no reasons why they should deny the visa. Please pray that is will come through, ASAP!

A note on those two dates: September 8 is Our Lady’s birthday, while the latter date has multiple significances: September 11, 1565: the end of the Siege of Malta (a Muslim defeat at the hands of the Knights of Malta); September 11, 1609: the expulsion of Muslims from Spain; September 11, 1697: the Battle of Zenta, (another Muslim defeat, this one at the hands of the Holy Alliance). September 11 was also day one of the two-day Battle of Vienna (1683), in which the Catholic forces, led by Jan Sobieski, defeated the Muslims at the Gates of Vienna. The next day marked the victory, which is commemorated in the liturgical Feast of the Holy Name of Mary, Sept. 12. It is likely no accident that Muslim terrorists chose September 11, 2001, to perpetrate their crime against “the Crusaders” of America.

For subsequent changes to the Mass schedule, WE WILL UTILIZE THE PHONE TREE and CATHOLICISM.ORG to notify people. If you are not on the phone tree, please sign up on the list in the back of the chapel, send an email to [email protected], or contact us by phone: (603) 239-6485.