UPDATE: Mass Schedule for Pentecost Week and Following

Another priest will be arriving late tonight (Friday, May 20), and the schedule for the next several days will be as follows: Mass according to the normal schedule beginning Saturday, May 21 and going till Thursday May 26, which is the Feast of Corpus Christi. (The normal schedule is 7:30 am low Mass daily, and two Sunday Masses: 7:30 AM low, and 9:30 AM high Mass). The Corpus Christi Mass will also be a High Mass, followed by our customary Eucharistic procession for that day.

The schedule beginning on Friday, May 27 and following is TBA. WE WILL UTILIZE THE PHONE TREE and CATHOLICISM.ORG to notify people of the Mass schedule after that point. If you are not on the phone tree, please sign up on the list in the back of the chapel, send an email to bam@catholicism.org, or contact us by phone: (603) 239-6485.

Depiction of the Christian Holy Spirit as a dove, by Gian Lorenzo Bernini, in the apse of Saint Peter's Basilica

Depiction of the Holy Ghost as a dove, by Gian Lorenzo Bernini, in the apse of Saint Peter’s
Basilica, photo by Dnalor 01, own work, CC BY-SA 3.0 (details)