Mike Church on Foxe and Friends’ anti-Catholic History

Mandeville, LA (Mike Church) – I was researching a guest’s bio, Mary Eberstadt, when I came across a review of her book “It’s Dangerous to Believe” at the New American website, by Steve Byas. Byas’s review is fair and a good read but in breaking my own rule, (I read some of the comments) I was sickened and broken hearted to read the stultifying and wildly inaccurate statements from “Christian” members of the Judgement Pornosphere™. Take this pearl of perfidy from the scandalously named “Red Pill Please”.

“And of course Tocqueville’s book was discussing Protestant believers. America’s first settlers who originally sought refuge from religious persecution were talking about the Catholic Church!”

Any person with an 89 level IQ and an ability to read something other than The Walking Dead comic books would know that the English who fled “persecution” couldn’t have been fleeing Catholics because practicing Catholicism in England during colonial American times was illegal; made so by Henry the VIII and then viciously made lethal by his bastard daughter Bloody Bess-Queen Elizabeth. That’s not a theological “opinion” or “belief” either, that is a historical fact that even the Church of England now admits but was widely known by contemporary authors as well modern scholars as I show in the upcoming The English Reformation. Joseph Pearce wrote the introduction to the book and offers this nugget on the Catholic “persecutors”.

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