My ‘Ecumenical’ Moment: I Stand with North Carolina Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson

It’s no secret that we here at Saint Benedict Center are not very “ecumenical.” The ecumenical movement is founded on the shifting sands of indifferentism and we want nothing of it.

That being said, when a non-Catholic says what is true — especially about something that is hotly contested in our diabolically confused age — the faithful Catholic must agree, sometimes loudly. So when North Carolina’s first African-American Lieutenant Governor, Mark Robinson, says, “You can’t transcend God’s creation” in the context of lambasting the “transgender” movement and its attempts at corrupting and recruiting children, I applaud him — loudly.

The partisans of the aberrosexualist agenda are coming after children and here is a responsible politician trying to stop them. Naturally, as no good deed goes unpunished, Mr. Robinson is being savaged by the left.

Pray for him. And pray for our own clergy to grow the kind of backbones that this man has in his large frame.