New Comments Policy

When we began the new on the WordPress platform, the default settings for comments was as follows: as soon as someone had one comment approved, he was “in the club,” so to speak. All of his subsequent comments were automatically posted without moderation. Because of this, some problematic comments made their way onto the site without our scrutiny, and had to be pulled down. I have recently changed the comments settings to force every comment to await moderation. This means each one will have to be approved before it appears on the site.

I like to think that I am liberal (as in “generous”) in allowing postings that disagree with article contents. However, we have to draw lines in the sand. Therefore, rules are in order:

1. We do not allow negative criticism of the Supreme Pontiff or the bishops in communion with him. If you are tempted to blast a spiritual father, for whatever reason, say a prayer for him instead. If you can’t do that, go to confession.

2. It is reasonable to critique the beliefs of non-Catholics. While doing so, we must recall the following words of Saint Paul: “Doing the truth in charity” (Eph. 4:15). Any acrid or nasty comments directed to any group of people will not be allowed. Remember, we want non-Catholics to convert to the true Faith. Bashing them doesn’t help.

3. Personal attacks against authors will not be posted. Neither will personal attacks against the founders of the Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

4. Blasphemy, foul language, bathroom talk, and links to immoral web sites will not be allowed.