Newsflash! Saint Benedict Center Conference Speakers’ Lineup Now Complete

Due to some curve balls that were thrown our way, the complete list of Conference speakers has only now come together.

The final schedule is now posted on our main site, and on our store site (where you can register now!).

I would like to take this opportunity to “plug” two conference speakers who came into the lineup relatively late. We are honored to have them.

Rick Barrett is a colleague of mine as a fellow host on the Crusade Channel, only he hosts a three-hour, live daily show. A gun enthusiast and certified firearms instructor with a high ethical standard for safety and comportment, Rick has collected sources of Church teaching on self-defense from the Magisterium itself, approved Moralists, and Canon Law. I have heard him speak on the prudent use of firearms based upon knowledge of local and state law. His approach to questions of self-defense are both practical and grounded in Catholic morals.

Michael Thomas is undertaking the worthwhile effort of reviving the Catholic Land Movement of Father Vincent McNabb, O.P. He is a homesteader and apple cider maker who likes to do things the old-fashioned way and based upon sound Catholic principles. In August, Mr. Thomas hosted a Catholic Land Movement event in Sharon Springs, New York. Our own Sisters Maria Philomena and Maria Rosaria made presentations at the conference, and returned here with glowing reports of Mr. Thomas’ work.

I am thrilled to have these two Catholic gentleman as part of our lineup!