Note to Future Historians: Here’s How ‘Gay’ Activists and Their Political Allies Acted in 2014

There are a few postings on this site covering the weird doings of homosexual activists who attempted to invade the Saint Patrick’s Day Parade in South Boston. In the end, they were undone by their own mendacious and ham-handed attempt to force themselves on the parade’s organizers.

The attempt failed, even though Boston Mayor Martin Walsh attempted to make the parade “inclusive” by bringing both sides together to talk in his office.

According to the Boston Globe, “Walsh’s steadfast support in the gay community dates to 2007, when he played a key role helping defeat an amendment to the state constitution that would have banned same-sex marriage.” An interested party himself, Walsh threatened not to march in the parade if the homosexual group was denied a place.

Mayor Walsh showed himself as eloquent in speech and lucid in thought as he is faithful to Catholic morals by declaring,

Equality comes first… The fact that it’s 2014, I certainly hope we’re able to come to an understanding. It’s long overdue.

(Did you get that? The fact that it’s 2014! I mean, C’mon! It’s 2014… 2014! Don’t you see?)

The Worcester Telegram provides some valuable material for future historians of the twenty-first century American dark age:

However, parade organizer Philip J. Wuschke Jr. said those from MassEquality looking to march in the parade misrepresented themselves and alleged that they planned to use the event for a gay pride demonstration.

During a meeting about the parade with MassEquality, he said, MassEquality members asked if they could display a rainbow flag in the parade alongside an American flag.

“They said they had a veterans group, but there were eight of them and only two veterans,” Mr. Wuschke said. “It is a day of celebration, not demonstration; not a day about sexuality. They (MassEquality) have their day in July and they are not inclusive. They keep Catholic organizations from marching in their parade.” 1

Parade organizers felt MassEquality was trying to change the meaning of the St. Patrick’s Day parade.

“The last time I was ambushed like that, it was by the Veterans for Peace Action Center,” he said. “They try to do this every year to us and try to make us look bad.”

  1. I wonder if MassEquality would allow some guys from Holy Rus to march in their July event. That could be really inclusive.