‘Old’ St. Pius V vs ‘New’ St. Pius V

From the article “The Contradiction of Core,” I take this brief excerpt contrasting the oration from today’s feast in the Traditional rite with the oration in the new rite. The changes are revealing:

Old text: “O God, who for the overthrowing of the enemies of Thy Church and for the restoration of the beauty of Thy worship, didst choose blessed Pius as supreme Pontiff; grant that we may be defended by his patronage and cleave to Thy service, that overcoming the snares of our enemies, we may rejoice in Thy eternal peace.”

New text: “O God, who raised up in Thy Church blessed Pius as Pope, to protect the faith and render worship more worthy, grant by his intercession that we may share in Thy mysteries with lively faith and fruitful charity.”

The concept of “overcoming the snares of our enemies” is foreign to the new religion of the modernist reformers, so they removed it from their new liturgy. It is reminiscent of a conversation our superior had with Cardinal (then Bishop) John Wright, a putative “conservative.” When the prelate proposed that “the Church no longer has enemies,” Brother Francis retorted that we can therefore no longer obey Our Lord’s command to pray for our enemies. Here we see how, despite his often sickly sweet veneer, the liberal lacks charity, which St. Paul says “rejoiceth with the truth” (1 Cor. 13:6). This liberal lex credendi of Cardinal Wright’s made its way into the lex orandi of the new Missal.