On Holy __

1. When you have __, everyone wants your company. When you lose __, men want to avoid you.

2. When you have __, you cannot be mean if you tried. When you lose __, you are mean even to yourself.

3. When you have __, you cannot commit sin.

4. When you have __, you overcome every adversity. Without __, even good fortune does you no good.

5. When you have __, you even look beautiful. When you lose __, you look ugly.

Not even the whole world could give it to you, but you have it in your power at a smile, at a prayer, at an act of faith.

You know the ones who have it by their enthusiasm.

(It is holy joy.)

[Note from editor: This was found on a very worn sheet of paper in Brother Francis’ possessions. He seems to have written it for his own benefit, and, from the condition of  it, carried it around in his pocket for a time to look at frequently. It would not surprise me if he numbered these observations up to five in honor of the five joyful mysteries of the Rosary. That would be very much like him. He prayed frequently for holy joy. Those who knew him think his prayers were answered.]