On Our Merry Way to War in Syria

(The LCR Blog) With scandals raging at home, Obama (conveniently) discovers chemical weapons use in Syria.

[Recall that Bill Clinton bombed Kosovo during the “Lewinsky affair.” Now Obama has a convenient distraction from IRS-Benghazi-DOJ-AP-NSA-etc.-etc.-gate, all the while ignoring the Syrian atrocities of the Islamist butchers the U.S. calls “rebels,” and bankrolls. Politicians are all honorable men.]

Barely a week after President Obama announced the ascendance of the left-neocon, humanitarian interventionist cultists Susan Rice and Samantha Power to the top of his foreign policy team, and in a time of choking scandal, alas a light at the end of the tunnel has appeared for the Obama regime: his old friend war!

The entirety of the US corporate media is breathlessly — and, predictably, in lockstep — amplifying the Obama administration’s sudden amazingly convenient discovery that the Syrian government has used chemical weapons after all!

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