Our Lady of Loreto

This feast commemorates the translation of the holy little house where Mary was conceived and born, and where Jesus, true God and true Man, was conceived.  Houses and dwelling places are an important part of Christian love.  The beautiful holy house where Mary and Jesus were both conceived, and where Mary was born, was miraculously transported from Nazareth to Dalmatia in the year 1291.  In the year 1294, it was again miraculously transported to the little town of Loreto in northeast Italy.  One of the greatest privileges a Catholic can ask of God is to visit this holy house, enter its doorway, and see where Jesus and His virginal Mother lived during Our Lord’s childhood, young manhood and hidden life, until He was thirty years of age.  Numberless saints visited the Holy House of Loreto, and many, many Popes have given it their blessing.  A little saint who especially loved it, and nearly died of joy when she visited it, was Saint Therese of the Child Jesus and the Holy Face, the Little Flower.

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Marble screen around the Holy House, Basilica della Santa Casa, Loreto,
photo by Zorro2212Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link