Persecuting People with Your Victimhood

Has the mad-science laboratory of Political Correctness finally evolved victims into persecutors? Well, of course it has. Anyone paying attention to the news, and seeing bakers, inn-keepers, and others who refuse to serve the homosexual agenda being disenfranchised and legally pilloried knows it is.

Given the “progressive” nature of this phenomenon (and “progress” here goes from simply wanting tolerance to demanding conformity), it can only get worse — unless there are some fundamental changes. But those don’t appear on the horizon, not with Bruce Jenner’s new Twitter persona setting a cyber record with a million followers in only four hours of its existence.

And on this feast of Saint Charles Lwanga and Companions, don’t forget why the Ugandan Martyrs died. Their sodomite murderer, King Mwanga II, wasn’t exactly nurturing his victimhood at the time.

Here is Michael Voris on the phenomenon of “hate speech” in connection with all this, and what he perceives as a coming persecution: