Phil Lawler Accuses Synod Fathers of ‘Deliberate Ambiguity’

Is the importance of getting a “consensus” greater than transmitting Catholic faith and morals in their integrity? For some of those involved in the recent Synod of Bishops, the answer seems to be Yes. For them, the Synodal process is a political “art of the possible,” and not a meeting of shepherds, spiritual fathers, and physicians of souls, who work for the salvation of those under their care.

It’s as if Heaven and Hell are not real.

It’s good that open promotion of sodomy and sacrilegious communions was averted, but at the cost of Catholic clarity? Besides, the progressivists, being progressivists, fully understand that any attenuated language, any blurring of the Church’s clear lines of doctrine, constitutes a victory for them. As is often the case with American politics, the so-called “conservatives” (who generally conserve nothing) squawk a bit, and then hand a victory — albeit an incomplete one — to the “liberals.” Then the conservatives declare victory.

But people are not buying it.

Phil Lawler has an excellent commentary on this, brief and worthy of consideration.

A scan of the comments on Phil’s post will reveal that people are less and less confident in our shepherds.

We must keep praying and doing penance for our Holy Father and our Bishops, utilizing the spiritual means at our disposal. It really isn’t politics, after all, but grace that will win the victory.