Photos: Scene of Fray Juan Padilla’s Martyrdom

A convert to the faith recently wrote us an appreciative email. A native Kansan, he learned about things Catholic in his home state through our web site, which he reads regularly. Immediately below is a brief excerpt from his email, and further down is a gallery of photos that he took on the spot of Fray Juan Padilla’s martyrdom. I especially recommend reading historical marker he captured in this photo. Our correspondent had to climb over the barbed wire that is visible in some of the photos.

(I inserted the links that are built into the text.)

One of the things your website gave to me was an appreciation for Catholic History in my home state of Kansas … I was never a Catholic in Kansas, so I had no idea of anything Catholic in that state… .  Last week I was able to make a trip home to see my parents. In the course of my trip I drove out to see the home church of Servant of God Emil Kapaun. It was an awesome experience to visit the home of a Saint and to see the altar where he said his first Mass!  After the trip to see Fr. Kapaun I drove over to Council Grove to see the spot of Juan Padilla’s martyrdom – I must say it was a little hard to find – and I had to jump over a barb wire fence to get up to the spot. But I wanted to say a prayer to Fr. Juan Padilla for his help in the conversion of America a work that he had started several hundred years ago.