Planned Parenthood and Other Government Funded Eugenics Programs

Thank God legislators at the federal and state (New Hampshire) level are seriously trying to defund the murderous criminal racket that goes by the name of Planned Parenthood. The PP gang was recently exposed again for their illegal activity by Lila Rose and her Live Action pro-life organization, which performed videotaped sting operations on various PP slaughterhouses, proving that the compassionate guardians of female rights are perfectly content knowingly to aid and abet childhood sex-slavery rings.

Naturally, the execs of PP, with their political stooges, are fighting tooth-and-nail to keep lining their coffers with the hard-earned money of American taxpayers.  Now we shall see of what stuff the new Republican pols are made. Are they “fiscal” conservatives (i.e., not conservatives, but mere materialists), or are they for real. I hope they heal my skepticism.

But the domestic agenda of government-sponsored eugenics, depopulation, and hedonistic sexual libertinism is only part of the picture. For years, you — yes, you, the American taxpayer — have been funding abortions, sterilizations, and other grave injustices overseas. As part of an immoral foreign policy, our government has been aborting, contracepting, and mutilating people in the so-called “Third World.” Example: Rwanda, where your tax dollars are soon to be hard at work circumcising and  sterilizing healthy Rwandan men, probably leading to a Rwandan genocide worse than the one that horrified the world some seventeen years ago.

For those who are so naive as to think the government wouldn’t do bad things overseas, consider that our State Department and Department of Education sponsored pro-jihadist textbooks used to weapoinze a generation of Afghan children, when the noble “freedom fighters” of Afghanistan were up against the Soviets. That generation grew up to fill the ranks of the Taliban and al-Queda, whom we’ve sent our fighting men (and women!) to combat. We didn’t learn a lesson from the failure of the Soviets in their campaign  — nor did we learn from the mistakes of any other empire that saw its imperial honor buried in Afghanistan’s rocky soil, along with the life-blood of their fighting men. Worse, we empowered the enemy.

Perhaps the best thing for the U.S. government to do is to run out of money. Far less mischief would take place at home and abroad.

On the other hand, when America converts to the Catholic Faith, and her energy for exporting “our way of life” is transformed by grace, it will be a glorious thing.