Please Pray for Ann Cillis

I received an email from Kathleen Heckenkamp of the Apostolate of Our Lady of Good Success. In it, she says:

…we received a phone call on Saturday from Ann Cillis’ daughter, Theresa. Anne has always been known to be a terrific fighter for the Catholic Truth and a great defender of the Faith and loyal friend of Padre Pio, being a spiritual daughter of his. She was a prolific writer and speaker and foundress of the Canadian layman, the National Committee for the National Pilgrim Virgin Statue of Canada and the Padre Pio Institute in Canada as well.

Teresa had called to inform us that Anne had a serious fall and hit her head badly last week. It seems that she may have had a stroke and then fell which caused a brain bleed. As a result , she was hospitalized on Tuesday and Wednesday last week. But it was decided to take her back to the Catholic nursing home on Thursday where she would receive very good care from the nursing staff. She has received the Last Rites by a good traditional Catholic priest of the SSPX and received comfort from some friends who came to pray the rosary in her room over the weekend. She did recognize her daughters and family members this past week. However her daughter feared that her mother might take a turn for the worst this week and so she called to ask for prayers from the Catholic members of the Apostolate of Our Lady of Good Success.

Mrs. Cillis visited Saint Benedict Center several years ago, and addressed our annual Conference on the subject of Padre Pio. She was also a friend of our beloved Father Michael Jarecki.

Mrs. Cillis has had many a sorrow in this vale of tears. Please pray for her final perseverance.