Please Pray for Ireland!

This Friday, May 25th, the Republic of Ireland will hold a national referendum on the proposed repeal of the Eighth Amendment to the Irish Constitution, which guarantees the right to life of the unborn child. A corrupt Irish court, ignoring the common law tradition of the country’s jurisprudence, has already ruled that the only legal protection for preborn children is found in the Eighth Amendment.

This referendum will not only decide whether hundreds of thousands of innocent babies will be murdered in Erin in the decades to come, but will determine the character, civilization and destiny, spiritual and materiel, of that nation for generations. The salvation of souls, liberty of the Church, the freedom of faithful Catholics and the national, cultural and demographic survival of Ireland will be in jeopardy if this demonic aggression prevails.

All the forces of hell—the media, Hollywood, the UN, the EU, George Soros, the American multi-national corporations, the globalist elites, the socialist trade unions, and the establishment political parties—are arrayed against the heroes of Ireland’s pro-life movement in this battle for the soul of the nation.

Please pray the Rosary for Ireland, that the Holy Spirit may enlighten the voters of Ireland so they might have “a right judgment in all things, and ever rejoice in His holy comfort. Amen.”


On Monday, May 14th, John Aidan Byrne’s organization, Irish Pro-Life USA, held a rally in support of the Eighth Amendment in front of the offices of the Irish Consulate General in Boston’s Back Bay. The event was organized by the local chapter head of Irish Pro-Life USA, Antonio Robert Molle. The featured speaker was C. J. Doyle of the Catholic Action League of Massachusetts.

In addition to the Catholic Action League and Irish Pro-Life USA, those participating included members of Operation Rescue: Boston, Students for Life, and Massachusetts Citizens for Life. Molly Finn of WCCA- TV’s Close To Home program video recorded the event.

Doyle began by observing that Ireland had never invaded a neighbor, colonized another county, targeted innocent civilians, or waged an unjust war. Now, sadly, Ireland is poised to embrace the values and practices of those who have persecuted her.

Doyle pointed out that the legalization of child murder in the United States brought a fifteen fold increase in the number of abortions in America. If this proportion applies, more than a million Irish children will be butchered in the next four and a half decades following repeal of the Eighth Amendment. Consciences will be anesthetized, the culture will be coarsened, women will be victimized, families will suffer, and morality will dissolve, Doyle said. As euthanasia proceeds from abortion, Doyle warned that the lives of the sick, elderly and disabled would now be endangered.

Doyle predicted that repeal would also oppress consciences and imperil religious freedom. Doctors and nurses, taxpayers and employers, Catholic medical institutions and others, would be forced, against their consciences, and in violation of their sincerely held moral and religious beliefs, to either subsidize, refer or participate in abortions.

Although Ireland has a higher natality than the rest of the EU, it is still below reproductive levels. Doyle stated that the population deficit, accelerated by abortion, would be redressed by more Third World migration, further de-Christianizing and de-Europeanizing that country.

Doyle concluded by asking for prayers and Rosaries for Ireland, so that country would be saved from the tragic errors of Britain, Canada, and America. Patrick Flood of MCFL then expressed the hope that Ireland, which was a beacon of civilization in the age of the barbarians, would again be an exception in the modern world.