Pope Against Women in Politics

Considering the age of the Church and that her visible head is bishop of the Eternal City, this news item is only slightly dated. The New York Times quoted the Holy Father saying some apostolically blunt words to an Italian Catholic women’s organization.

Recalling a Nancy Pelosi, a Barbara Boxer, or New Hampshire’s own Jeanne Shaheen — all wholeheartedly dedicated to facilitating in utero infanticide — one might be inclined to wonder if the last canonized pope had the extraordinary charism of prophesy in addition to his ordinary charism of papal infallibility.

Here it is, right on the Times’ web site. Not only was it “fit to print”; it is also quite worth reading, as are the written and spoken words of the popes in general on marriage, family life, gender roles, etc.

ROME, April 21 [1909]. — Much comment has been caused by an anti-feminist declaration made by the Pope this morning in receiving a delegation of the union of Italian Catholic ladies. His Holiness made a speech opposing the claims of women to make their voices heard in political matters.

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