Possible Business Opportunity in Richmond, N.H., Our Town

Any serious entrepreneurs among our readership should consider the contents of the Richmond Commercial Redevelopment Feasibility Study. This study pertains to a location in Richmond which used to have a gas station and general store, which has since been torn down.

From the preface of the study:

This study was prepared for the Town of Richmond and is intended to investigate the needs of the residents, to develop a commercial retail program to meet the needs of the town, evaluate the existing site, define a preferred building solution, provide estimated costs for construction and create a business plan to support the project.

A draft of this report was presented to the Richmond Economic Development Association on March 16, 2017 for review and comment. The comments were incorporated into a revised preferred design scheme and a business plan.

The study culminates in a final program and pre-schematic design, which defines the preferred solution in terms of its content and cost in order to provide a frame of reference for the future design and business planning process.

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