It is not wise to dally with despair.
It should be promptly taken out to air —
Follow the route from here to Railroad Square.
A corner constable is there to view
Gesticulating gorgeously in blue.
A muscular mechanic may be seen
Inflating tires or pumping gasoline.
A pencil-seller will intrigue the mind
To guess if he be bogus or be blind.
A splendid shiner of unpolished shoes
Will block your hat and fill your head with news.
And when you pass her papa’s peanut-stand
Where small Maria, lollipop in hand,
Sticks out her sticky tongue at peevish faces,
Your grudges, grumpinesses, griefs, grimaces,
Will melt like butterscotch, and be beguiled
By the sure, sharp, sweet satire of a child.