Reconquest Episode 27. Contracepting Heaven and Earth. Guest: C.J. Doyle

My good friend C.J. Doyle joins me for the next Reconquest. C.J. is the Executive Director of the Catholic Action League of Massachusetts, a frequent speaker at Saint Benedict Center Conferences, and an informed and erudite Catholic culture warrior, who has done a great deal for many years to defend faith and family in the Bay State.

Our subject is “Contracepting Heaven and Earth,” which makes reference to the twofold tragedy of the sin of Onanism. As an actual sin committed by individuals, it is mortal in its very kind, and therefore is “contraceptive” of God’s children by preventing their birth into the eternal joys of Heaven. As a phenomenon of global significance, it has caused a demographic winter with serious social and economic consequences for the formerly Christian West — and even for the far eastern nation of Japan, which imported western sexual decadence, but does not artificially supplement its demographic shortfall with a liberal immigration policy as most western nations do.

Joe and I tackle both angles of this issue in our fairly intense discussion.

Far from being something Catholics should be embarrassed about, the contraception issue gives us bragging rights for the true Church. For, in this age when the social and economic ravages of depopulation are becoming more and more manifest to those with eyes to see, the perennial wisdom of the Church on this point stands out in great relief to the foolishness of every Christian sect (Protestant and even Orthodox) for abandoning this point of the natural law. It is a great apologetic for the Catholic Church, and we should be much more militant about it!

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