Reconquest Episode 28. Saint Robert Southwell: The Truth, the Beauty, and the Gore. Guest: Charles Coulombe

For my next Reconquest, I will be joined by Charles Coulombe. Charles and I will discuss “Saint Robert Southwell: The Truth, the Beauty, and the Gore.”

Topics will include a brief biological sketch of the missionary-martyr-poet, the purpose of his poetry, and some of that poetry itself. His was an amazing career as a hunted missionary who not only exercised a priestly, sacramental mission among the persecuted faithful of Elizabethan England, but who also engaged in an extraordinary apostolate of the pen at the same time. Indeed, his writing — both of prose and poetry — was itself evangelism. And it was a kind of evangelism that marshalled forth his considerable literary skills combined with the Ignatian spirit of a Jesuit during the impressive first fervor of the Company of Jesus.

We can enjoy the fruits of his efforts still today.

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