Reconquest Episode 36: Queen Isabella’s Holy Life. Guest: Dr. Alexandra Wilhelmsen

The topic of this show is is Queen Isabella’s Holy Life. My guest is once more the gracious and erudite Dr. Alexandra Wilhelmsen, Professor of Spanish and Adjunct Professor of History at the University of Dallas. Along with her profound scholarship of the subject, Dr. Wilhelmsen brings an enchanting enthusiasm for, and devotion to, the cause of Catholic Spain and the glory and honor of this most devout of Catholic Queens.

Isabel, “la Católica,” as she was called by her countryman, Pope Alexander VI, was the most Catholic Queen of Castile, and, as wife of Ferdinand II of Aragon, she was Queen Consort of Aragon, Sicily, and Naples. Her live is beautifully summarized on the web site in this fashion:

Queen Isabel the Catholic changed the face of the world.  She was instrumental in the defence of Christianity in Europe; she sponsored the discovery of America; began the largest evangelisation campaign since the Apostles; won the longest war in history; promoted women and prohibited slavery; was a devoted wife and mother of five; and she codified universal human rights.

Isabel loved Christ.  She made herself God’s humble instrument and God worked mightily through her.