Rejecting the Vaccine Lie: A Video That Has Aged Quite Well

In late April of this year, I posted a video of Father Michael Copenhagen addressing the the “Vaccine Injury Event” on the National Mall in DC. The date of his speech was November 14 of 2019. If you didn’t see the video when I first posted it, please give it a look (I have posted it again below). If you saw it then, you may want to give it another look. This eloquent little speech has aged quite well, especially now that we are 603 days into “fifteen days to flatten the curve” and the “gruesome medical dictatorship” Father Copenhagen referenced is clearly being established with the dawn of absurd “green passes” which allow people to live semi-normal lives after forfeiting their rights to bodily autonomy and spiritual integrity.

Given the date of the event, Father Copenhagen could not have been addressing the so-called “covid vaccines.” They did not exist yet.

The advice quoted below (just above the video) is from the same good priest (not Father Copenhagen) who initially sent me the video back in April.

1) View once more the video at the link below

2) Attach it to any material you present when demanding that the government, your employer, and/or churchmen cease to command you to cooperate in evil

3) Tell your employer, your government, your benighted family and friends, strangers who raise the subject with you, and your Bishop (even and especially the Bishop of Rome):

No Catholic is under any obligation whatsoever to justify his refusal to submit himself to a medical regime under these conditions. In fact, the government must rather justify its insistence on further endangering the public health in this way. A free population need not explain its reasons for exercising its just liberties; it is for the would-be tyrants to demonstrate their greater willingness to end the current oppression than the governments of the past hundred years had been wont to do. Obliteration of civil liberties, imperiling public health, and incitement to panic are not hallmarks of a society committed to the common good. Citizens who obey God with the love of whole heart, soul, mind, and strength are the best guarantor of the life, liberty, and happiness of a nation. Catholics serving under the reign of Jesus Christ the King would do well to make their own the motto of the State of Iowa: Our Liberties We Prize! Our Rights We Will Maintain!

Do not beg permission to do what is right!

Tell the fiends offending God and oppressing man that you are not their slave, but God’s child!

Obey God, not men!

Disobedience to the disobedient is true obedience!

We lay down our lives for our friends for the love of God; we don’t lay down and play dead out of fear of the world, the flesh, and the devil!