Repelling Revolutionary Attacks on the Mass: Ryan Grant with Brother André Marie

In the penultimate episode of Reconquest, Repelling Revolutionary Attacks on the Mass, I interviewed Mr. Ryan Grant, of Mediatrix Press, about the sixteenth- and twentieth-century attacks on the Holy Sacrifice, many of which are surprisingly similar. That’s right, the liturgical revolutionaries of recent decades fell into many of the same errors as the Protestant heresiarchs.

Ryan Grant translated Saint Robert Bellarmine’s book, On the Most Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, as part of his much larger Bellarmine Translation Project. That wonderful book by the Jesuit Doctor was the point of reference for the interview. (There was an earlier interview on the book, The Mass is a True Sacrifice, which is not on YouTube.)

Mr. Steve Cunningham, of the Sensus Fidelium YouTube channel, has dressed up the interview with graphics and posted it online, for which I am grateful.

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