Restore Communion On The Tongue Only

Two priests, Fr. Andrew Wise and Fr. John Speekman, have started a petition effort on their blog called “Restore Communion On The Tongue Only.” They, and the 2484 (so far) signatories to their petition, are asking the Pope to restore the ancient and traditional Roman practice of reception of Holy Communion that was obligatory until Pope Paul VI approved the 1969 Vatican Instruction, Memoriale Domini.

Bishop Athanasius Schneider signed the petition. The site has videos of both Cardinal Burke and Bishop Schneider speaking to the subject.

The signatories petition the following: “Most Holy Father, We are convinced of the great spiritual harm inflicted on the Catholic faithful, and the profanation of the Blessed Sacrament that often occurs, by the practice of Communion received on the hand. We implore Your Holiness to personally intervene to restore once again the normative practice of reception of Holy Communion on the tongue alone.”

Here is the explanation the priests give on their site for why they began this petition effort:

During the course of our parish ministry we have become increasingly uneasy with the practice of Communion on the hand. We have come to the conclusion that what started out as a seemingly good idea has actually been found to encourage a certain carelessness, and not only among the laity.

It has also been our experience that because of the inherently ‘routine’ action of placing something in someone’s hand this carelessness is, in fact, very ‘catechesis resistant’.

It is our hope that this blog will stimulate discussion and awareness of what many in the Church see as a problem needing urgent reform.

We hope also that, as the blog grows through your contributions and comments, a clearer picture will emerge of this urgency.

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