‘Richmond Reacts’: More Coverage of SBC’s Settlement

The Keene Sentinel has printed a follow up on their earlier story about the Town of Richmond’s settlement with Saint Benedict Center. Traditional Catholics who have large families are contemptuously labeled “rabbits” by a commenter online. Those unfamiliar with the local controversies might discern one of the problems here: a stated reason why some in Richmond oppose SBC is that the married couples who worship there have too many children. Catholics who do not contracept or abort their offspring are ridiculed and perceived as a Malthusian nightmare just waiting to happen. Those raising the hue and cry are among the residents who claim there is no discrimination involved here, and who say things like, “lets just get along.”

Wait! Something’s missing here.

$1.15M settlement with St. Benedict Center draws mixed reaction from townspeople

By Casey Farrar
Sentinel Staff

Published: Wednesday, July 07, 2010

RICHMOND — It’s a years-long religious discrimination dispute that has divided the small town of Richmond.

The legal battle that pitted the St. Benedict Center, a conservative Catholic group, against town officials has been the buzz of the town for years. [Read more at the Insurancenewsnet.com.]