Rick DeLano on Coast To Coast with George Noory

My friend, the multitalented Rick Delano, has done something wonderful to promote the work of one of our living giants, the near-nonagenarian Dr. Wolfgang Smith. I have been privileged to watch an earlier cut of this film before the final was produced. What I saw was mind-blowing in its philosophical depth: a stunning critique of the worst aspects of modernity that also accepts and embraces the best of modern scientific discovery. The secret? Philosophia Perennis, which the great Dr. Smith uses as a rational basis for judging questions of empirical and theoretical scientific inquiry. The results are formidable and illuminating.

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Rick DeLano discusses #TheEndofQuantumReality with guest host George Knapp on #CoastToCoast with #GeorgeNoory. Original air date: 19 January 2020.

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