Rosary of Reparation at Harvard

The Catholic Action League of Massachusetts will recite a Rosary of Reparation outside of Harvard University’s Memorial Hall this Monday evening, May 12th, beginning at 7PM. The Rosary is a response to the abomination of a Black Mass being performed on the Harvard campus. The Harvard Extension School has granted permission to a student group — the Cultural Studies Club — to sponsor the demonic rite, which will be conducted by the New York based Satanic Temple.

Memorial Hall is located at 45 Quincy Street, between Cambridge Street and Kirkland Street, on the north side of Harvard Yard, a five minute walk from Harvard Square. It is a massive, red brick, neo-Gothic building, with a high tower crowned by a mansard roof.

League members will assemble near the main entrance, at the corner of Quincy and Kirkland Streets.


BY MBTA — Leaving the Harvard Square bus, trackless trolley and Red Line subway station, walk north on Peabody Street alongside Harvard Yard, (Massachusetts Avenue and Cambridge Common should be to your immediate left); turn right on Cambridge Street, and then turn left on The Plaza, the wide pedestrian deck over Cambridge Street, and then turn right again until you reach Memorial Hall.

BY AUTOMOBILE — Approaching Harvard Square from the east on Massachusetts Avenue, or from the south on John F. Kennedy Street (which connects with Storrow Drive and Memorial Drive), bear right on Peabody Street, (which parallels Massachusetts Avenue and is immediately alongside Harvard Yard). Then turn right on to Cambridge Street, go under the overpass and take the first and sharpest right onto Broadway. Your first left, very acute, will be Quincy Street.

Approaching from the north and west on Massachusetts Avenue or Gardiner Street, make a left U-turn past the bus tunnel entrance (just before Harvard Square) and follow Peabody Street and the above directions.

PARKING — Parking is very limited. There are a few metered spaces nearby on Kirkland Street and Oxford Street, and on Mass. Ave. and Gardiner Street near Cambridge Common. There are also some spaces close to St. Paul’s Church, on and around Bow and Arrow Streets—a ten minute walk away.

As Catholics we must not allow this insult to Our Lord to go unanswered. Please join us for the Holy Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary on Monday at 7PM!