Saint Benedict Center’s Web Site Issues the Result of Hacking

Assured by a professional web developer that what happened to Saint Benedict Center’s web site on Friday “doesn’t just happen,” the logical conclusion is that we were the victims of a hacker or group of hackers. The site is back up, and much of the damage is repaired, but some elements of the site are still down, including our sub-sites (,, and, and some ads. These will, God willing, be restored shortly.

One week before the attack, I received a threat — a quite personal one — from an activist whose identity and affiliation I will not now publicly reveal, though both are known to me.

It could be that the attack on the site was coincidental, or it could be that we were the victims of anti-Catholic “hacktivism.”

Measures will be taken to try to prevent such attacks in the future. We appreciate your patience and prayers.

I especially ask prayers for the poor soul(s) who did this. When Jesus commands us to love our enemies, He gives us a commandment that is (a) not meaningless (as we do have enemies) and (b) morally obligatory on Christians.