Saint Bruno (1101)

Saint Bruno was the founder of the great Carthusian Order. He was born in Cologne, in Germany, in 1030. He later retired to France, to a solitary place known as “Grande Chartreuse”, from which the name Carthusian is derived. His Order is the most contemplative of all the Orders of monks in the Catholic Church. Saint Bruno believed that in saintly contemplation of the soul alone with God, the highest adoration, love and prayer are evoked. A monk in a small cell for personal prayer, and in a simple chapel for common prayer, and in a country garden for work, was his idea of perfect preparation on a mountain for the life that awaits us at death. He promised all true Catholic contemplatives a peace which this world does not know, the source of which is the Holy Ghost, the Third Person of the Blessed Trinity, with all His Divine Gifts and Fruits.


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