Saint Hilary of Poitiers (368)

He was a bishop and a Doctor of the Church. He was the first Doctor of the Church to die, and suffered many things for the truth of the Catholic Faith, including banishment from his own diocese

There are thirty-two Doctors of the Church, and their feast days, in order of months, are as follows: January 14, Saint Hilary; January 27, Saint John Chrysostom; January 29, Saint Francis de Sales; February 23, Saint Peter Damian; March 7, Saint Thomas Aquinas; March 12, Saint Gregory the Great; March 18, Saint Cyril of Jerusalem; March 27, Saint John Damascene; April 4, Saint Isidore of Seville; April 11, Saint Leo the Great; April 21, Saint Anselm; April 27, Saint Peter Canisius; April 30, Saint Catherine of Siena; May 2, Saint Athanasius; May 9, Saint Gregory Nazianzen; May 13, Saint Robert Bellarmine; May 27, Saint Bede; June 13, Saint Anthony of Padua; June 14, Saint Basil; June 18, Saint Ephrem; June 27, Saint Cyril of Alexandria; July 14, Saint Bonaventure; July 21, Saint Lawrence of Brindisi; August 2, Saint Alphonsus Maria de Liguori; August 20, Saint Bernard; August 28, Saint Augustine; September 30, Saint Jerome; October 15, Saint Teresa of Jesus; November 15, Saint Albert the Great; November 24, Saint John of the Cross; December 4, Saint Peter Chrysologus; December 7, Saint Ambrose.

The ordination of Saint Hilary of Poitiers14th century; Vie de saintes (details/credits

The ordination of Saint Hilary of Poitiers
14th century; Vie de saintes (details/credits)