Saint Louis: at the Graves of Fathers De Smet and Damen

We have some pictures from the CAT trip. The most special thing we saw was in Saint Louis was not the Arch, but Calvary Cemetery, where the mortal remains of Father De Smet and Father Damen are interred. Brother Maximilian Maria and I had a wonderful opportunity to pray at the tombs of these two American Apostles, both of whom figure into the CAT presentations.

So far, the tour has gone well. Small and modest-sized audiences have received us with great warmth at four talks in Quincy, IL, Saint Louis, MO, and Oklohoma City, OK. That last one was not announced on our web site, but, as we were leaving, the plans were firmed up. A crowd of about 40 came to a private home for the talk. There are 10 talks to go, and the down time between some of them is being filled with other work, like administrative work and writing. (Cell phones and laptops come in handy on these occasions.)

Below we have some pictures. If you click on the pictures in this little gallery, you will be brought to a page with some explanatory captions. You can click on this second image to see a larger version of the file. Enjoy them and please keep the CAT in your prayers.