Saint Margaret of Scotland (1093)

This great and saintly princess and queen was the granddaughter of King Edmund Ironside of England. She was the wife of King Malcolm III of Scotland, whose father, Duncan, was murdered by the noted Macbeth. There never was a more royally holy woman, wife and widow than Saint Margaret. Of her eight children, two of her sons became monks. One of her daughters became a queen, married King Henry I of England, and because of her heroically holy life was, like her mother, a saint. Her name is Saint Matilda, and she is known in history as Good Queen Maud.

Saint Margaret of Scotland was a relative of Saint Stephen of Hungary. She was only forty-three years old when she died. She thanked God for the afflictions He sent her in her illnesses. She spent hours and hours in prayer, and was always grateful to God for every gift she had received. Her beautiful grace after meals is known as “Saint Margaret’s blessing.” Saint Margaret is the patroness of Scotland.


Saint Margaret of Scotland (source)