Saint Paul Miki, Saint James Kisai and Saint John de Goto (1597)

These were three Japanese, members of the Society of Jesus, crucified for the Catholic Faith at Nagasaki in Japan.  Saint Paul Miki was thirty-three when he was martyred.  Saint James Kisai, a lay brother, was sixty-four and Saint John de Goto was nineteen.  With them suffered a Spaniard, Saint Philip of Jesus, a Franciscan, born in Mexico City.  He was also crucified.  With them also were martyred twenty-two other heroic Franciscans.  When Saint Paul Miki was dying on the cross, at the age, as we have said, of thirty-three, these were his last words:  “I pray that all Japanese people may walk on the only true road that leads to God.  How happy I am, like my Saviour, at His own age to die for Him, and like Him, on the cross.”  His last two words were, “Jesus!  Mary!”

Saints Paul Miki, John de Goto & James Kisai. ca 1880, Abbey Church, Drongen, Belgium.

Saints Paul Miki, John de Goto & James Kisai, ca 1880.
Abbey Church, Drongen, Belgium (Credits)