Cherie Blair: Sin Rather Than Death!

She didn’t quite say it that way (notice, no quotes). But the wife of the UK’s former Prime Minister Tony Blair did say, “There’s also a real concern about saving lives and I absolutely believe, and scientific evidence shows, that condoms do save lives. Therefore, when there’s a choice between endangering and not endangering life, we should always choose life.” (And despite the purely accidental resemblance to a pro-life slogan in that last sentence, she wasn’t speaking about her opposition to abortion, which she is entirely for.)

St. Dominic Savio’s famous motto was “death rather than sin!” But now, we’ve “rethought” that. The little Italian had it all backwards — just a lad, you know! And speaking of rethinking, Cherie’s husband, Tony, a recent convert to Catholicism, is apparently poised to help the Church do lots of it.

And we’re not talking about rethinking ecumenism here, folks:

Tony, Cherie Blair criticize Church teaching on homosexuality, condoms.