Six Sisters of Mercy Oppose New Hampshire Parental Rights Bill

Defying Catholic teaching and natural law, six Sisters of Mercy were among the eighty clergymen and associates who signed an open letter, sponsored by the New Hampshire Council of Churches, opposing parental rights legislation in the Granite State.

In addition to other claims, the signatories assert that the proposed law — SB 272, An Act establishing a parents’ bill of rights in education — will place “LGBTQ youth” at a higher risk for suicide.

Venerble Catherine McAuley, the heroic foundress of the RSM’s, would not approve of this very worldly display of false mercy on the part of her spiritual daughters. What the liberal churchmen, religious, and others who signed this document are attempting is tantamount to shielding minors: shielding them not from the predatory ideologues who encourage behavior contrary to nature, but from the parents whose God-given right and duty it is to protect their children from such morally corrosive and dangerous adults.

Modernism upends authentic Christian virtue by attempting to put it at the service of vice. Isaias the prophet had apt words to describe this, with a warning attached:

Woe to you that call evil good, and good evil: that put darkness for light, and light for darkness: that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter. (Isaias 5:20)