Southern Poverty Law Center Charges More Conservative Windmills

(This is dedicated to Heidi Beirich, director of “research” at the Southern Poverty Law Center, whose intelligent, nuanced writing style I attempt to imitate.)

The radical mercenary leftist fundraisers at the Southern Poverty Law Center are busily spewing out their trademark caterwauling again. Yes, the enemies of free speech and Christian social order are howling about the frenzied maniacs ready to escort Adolf Hitler himself down Main Street, U.S.A. Of course, I speak of the Tea Party rabble, who propagate the radical, unAmerican, and lunatic hate-speechy notions that big government isn’t always to be trusted uncritically, and that democratically-elected officials are accountable to the public, whose money they spend so freely.

And those radical fanatics who crank out reams of incendiary anti-Immigration rhetoric are ready to make the whole nation erupt into a universal conflagration of hatred, the likes of which hasn’t been seen since Ron Paul’s presidential bid, or maybe the bombing of Dresden. Of course, the racist, bigoted advocates of immigration reform hotly deny the charges of extremism that have been amply proven by the well-founded suspicions of competent researchers. But their angry reaction to our inflated rhetoric itself proves them guilty out of their own prejudiced mouths!

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